About Us

CHANGE CRAFT LLC is a Los Angeles-based strategic communications consultancy. We operate at the crossroads of innovation and results fueled by experience and passion, offering a suite of services ranging from marketing consulting to multicultural and LGBTQ+ media, and government contracting. As a minority-owned small business certified LGBTBE firm, we emphasize inclusivity, diversity, and a global perspective in all our endeavors. Most of our customers are nonprofit organizations, government agencies or political campaigns with whom we provide a range of services including communications planning and development, media, research, PR, and other business consulting. 

Change Craft LLC

Our team leverages in-depth industry knowledge with cutting-edge methodologies to deliver comprehensive communications strategies, business consulting services, audience insights, social marketing, PR initiatives, and public education efforts. Our dedication lies in creating meaningful change, crafting narratives that resonate, and establishing lasting connections for our clients and their stakeholders. 

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Change Craft LLC


From trialed beginnings to a beacon of change and inclusivity, Change Craft LLC’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, creativity, and dedication. Change Craft arose from a shared vision to harness strategic communication as a force for good. Inspired by their unique backgrounds and experiences, from overcoming personal and cultural challenges to excelling in marketing and advocacy, the Tates established Change Craft in Los Angeles in 2023. 

As a dad to young girls while also experiencing life as an immigrant-turned-citizen whose biological family disowned him after coming out, Calvin remains grounded in the audiences we seek to serve and inspired to produce work that improves the lives of those misunderstood, underserved or historically marginalized. 

A recognized and award-winning leader in public health communications who knows what it’s like to experience poverty, childhood trauma and discrimination, Brandon was motivated to support Calvin’s vision of a new type of consultancy and is proud to partner with clients to develop work informed by this passion. 

This shared commitment to excellence and inclusivity is beyond personal, it is also the ethos of Change Craft, setting it apart as a consultancy devoted to empowering voices and fostering impactful societal change.


"Empowering Change Through Insightful Collaboration"

We craft custom communications solutions that drive meaningful change to enhance the work of our clients while making their lives easier. 


"Tailoring Success, Hand in Hand – Your Vision, Our Craft"

Our philosophy centers around a deep, client partnership approach, delving into your unique perspectives to find opportunities where we can add value. Our expertise complements your commitment for change and impact. This client-centric ethos allows us to craft bespoke solutions that exceed expectations.


Our vision is to become a leading force in the realm of strategic communications, known for our ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver impactful results. We aim to set new standards in public relations and advocacy, ensuring our clients’ messages not only reach but also inspire their target audiences while promoting a more inclusive and understanding world.